About • JHA Band

THE WAY WE ARE WIRED is an album from the heart.
A baby born after years of pregnancy. The mother is relieved and the father unknown. Far too many candidates. We can´t forget about the kind help of those involved in bringing it to live. Marco Magnani (founder of Instant Flight and now in Mark and the Clouds) played bass beautifully all the way through the album.
The beating of the skins and keeping of the rhythm fell on Dan Beaulaurier´s shoulders(co-founder of Norton Money and currently with Grace Solero and fronting his own band). Jon Clayton was the midwife and his ONE CAT STUDIOS the hospital. He co-produced, played several instruments and helped a great deal with suggestions. The mother of the invention is Javier H Ayensa, who played all the guitars, wrote, arranged and co-produced the album.

We can´t wait to deliver it again. Hopefully live before your eyes this time. Coming soon to a bar near you. Or maybe far.